About Us

Steier Properties began in 1989 with one small property. It was a 400 square foot basement unit. with concrete walls. There was no central heat or air, just warm pipes that ran along the ceiling and a window unit. It was however in a very nice building on the edge of a park in a sought after area. It was all the founder Joe could afford at the time.

He fixed up this property and had three people who wanted it right away so he had to choose who to rent this condo to. His vision was “property always appreciates.” Even when he had to scrape the money together and work two jobs, he took all his money and put it into buying the next property.

Over the years, Joe had his wife Sony take over and oversee the business. We have been lucky to have Heather join us. She is incredibly diligent and makes sure everything is handled properly.

Our goal is to add three properties per year and we have acquired homes throughout Louisville and surrounding areas.  Currently we have 30 houses and 21 condos. There are 3 investment properties in South Florida, 2 in Steamboat, Colorado and 3 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

With each property Sony has used a unique perspective, asking herself “Would I want to live in this property?” This has led to updates in bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, flooring, and making nice homes.  Often our walls are not stark white but have a personality to them unlike an average apartment complex.

When you rent from Steier Property we are committed to good communication, fixing any problem in a quick fashion and keeping our tenants happy. We want you to stay with us and have tenants who have been with us for nine, ten and even 20 years!